Saturday, December 15, 2012


Sorry I have been MIA for soooo long! I am trying to get back into updating and letting everyone know how my hair journey is going. Well....I BC'ed again in January 2012...I just felt like I had to start over again. I had dyed and fried my hair and it was time to begin again with the new knowledge I had about taking care of my natural hair. Recently, I got a sew in weave, and the front of my hair was pressed out to blend in with the weave...that was terrible. The left side of my hair is a bit straighter/wavier than the rest because it was ran over with the flat iron more times than the right side of my leave out...

I take everything with my hair as a lesson learned. I am moving away from this idea that long hair is the best hair. NO. Healthy hair is the best hair. I am striving to have strong healthy hair. I am also moving away from the idea that I can't have stylish natural hair or that I can't wear weaves and be natural. I love LOVE love my natural hair but I do like to wear my hair straight as well but I don't want any heat damage so...I've started wearing wigs that are the texture I want to try out. This doesn't mean that I dislike my natural hair, no it means I LOVE my natural hair and would like to keep my natural hair the way it is without damaging it with heat. I'd rather damage the fake hair with heat ahahahahah! Well, enough said, take a look at the pics from the past year of my new start on this journey...

           Dominican Blow Out May 2011 for graduation. It was cute, but it left the ends of my hair extremely fragile and limp.

After the blow out my hair had a looser/wavier curl. It didn't hang the same. The roots of my hair felt like newgrowth lol it was crazy. So I decided I would grow my hair out and start all over. But before I cut my hair, I would die the ends of my hair purple, something I had always wanted to do!

I loved it! But, to get the purple color to show up, I had to bleach my hair first. The purple color also showed up like a pinkish purple color that I didn't really like, and the bleach made my ends even looser. 

Then suddenly, I got a job offer at a day care so I had to cut the color off sooner.

So, I cut the dye off.

My hair was much shorter. As the winter approached my hair got drier and drier. I was still trying to pull my short hair into pony tails and buns the way I could with my longer hair. Eventually my ends began to suffer, and my hair was getting damaged from being brushed back all the time.


I love my short curls! But I wanted to protect them from the cold winter weather so I am wearing weaves throughout the rest of the winter.

I got a sew in weave that I turned into a half wig.

Now I am wearing a lace wig from RPG show.