Monday, July 20, 2009

Celebrity Hair I Love!

Jill Scott!

So, my boy friend really wants me to comb/brush my hair out like this just to see what the fro would look like. I'm not a big fan of combs, and I don't ever brush my hair when it's dry...

So what did I do to achieve this look without the brush and comb? I did a twist out. I twisted my wet hair, and allowed it to air dry. When I took the twists out, I separated them. My hair was already stretched thanks to the twist, and the separating created a more uniform fro look instead of separate sections of hair. As the day went on, I had a chunky fro, which I then gently pulled and stretched more with my fingers. It took some use getting used to but it was cute. Next time I'll take pictures :)


Another view of the ponytail

This is my freshly co-washed ponytail. January 2010... full ponytail?


Sunday, July 19, 2009

Finally made it to 1 ponytail!

And can you believe, there are no clips in my hair! I use the Chicoro method to smooth my edges, and lay my hair down. 

Here's how I do it:

1. In the shower, I co-wash and smooth my hair towards the back of my head. This first smoothing step involves the use of a Denman brush to detangle/smooth the strands.
2. I lightly rinse the conditioner out in the front of my head (I want some conditioner to stay in the middle, because I will continue to add more water to my hair during the smoothing process, and I don't want my hair to dry out, so I keep some conditioner in it. The remaining conditioner will/should be rinsed out by the time that I'm done smoothing). 
3. Then I smooth shea butter on my edges, my nape, and the remainder of my hair. 
4. I grab my boar bristle brush/any soft brush, wet the brush and then gently brush the edges of my hair. 
5. Add more shea butter on edges/top & middle of hair.
6. Add gel just to edges.
7. Smooth with wet brush.
8. Tie knee sock over front of head ensuring that all hairs are inside.
9. Grab remaining hair and pull into a ponytail.
10. Done :)

Chicoro's method is pretty much the same as mine, except she demonstrates how to do this on dry hair. My hair is too short to do on dry hair, I need it to be wet so I can really grab it to fit into the ponytail holder. Check out Chicoro's method to see detailed pictures 

The top of my hair still does not reach the back of the ponytail holder, so if I were to wear a ponytail, I would need to put some clips there to hold the hair down. I can't wait until my totally fits into a ponytail holder, nice and smooth, with no need for any clips! The end of this year I hope :)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Notice my shrunken fro vs. the braid! OMG!

Here's another pic of shrinkage while my hair is in twists. The twist definitely helped stretch my hair, but the twists also shrink as well.


Some Twists

Finally did some twists to stretch my hair and prevent the crazy tangling I get after wash n go's. I was really surprised to see how much my hair has grown from the first time that I did twists. These were done on co-washed hair. I simply grabbed pieces of hair and twisted. Took me about 1.5 hours. I was in a rush because I had to get to work :)


Sunday, July 12, 2009

Massive Detangling Sessions

After getting off work today I came home and detangled my hair. It took me ONE HOUR! This was no typical detangling session. This was the type of detangling session that takes place after you haven't combed/brushed your hair for a week, but have been finger detangling the entire time (which I'm starting to realize isn't good enough for my hair) and you haven't been covering your hair at night, and you still wake up each morning and co-wash and rock a wash n go! Whewwww. Lets not let this happen too often :)

I am getting so tired of doing my hair. I need cornrows. My hair tangles so easily! If I don't detangle my hair with a brush for say, two days, my hair begins to loc up. I then have to break pieces of hair to get the tangles out. My problem area seems to be the middle of my head.

I use:

Treseme Moisture Rich Conditiner
Knock-off "Denman" brush by Conair
Towel (to put around my shoulders for dripping conditioner, and to wipe shed hairs on)
Optional-a bowl with water (to rinse shed hairs off hands as I'm sitting down detangling)

This is how I detangle:

1. wet hair in shower
2. rub pads of fingers on scalp to lift dirt
3. apply handful of conditioner to hair
4. smooth through hair

Then I get out of the shower and let the conditioner sit in my hair.
I put a spaghetti strap or button up shirt on, basically anything that I don't have to pull over my head because the conditioner is still in it.

Then the detangling part starts. I use my knock off Denman brush. It's by Conair and you can buy it at Rite-Aid. You may choose to section of your hair before hand or just grab sections as you go along. Avoid brushing the whole head at once until you have detangled the entire head. The conditioner should still be in your hair from the shower! You can choose to leave it in for a bit so the hair becomes more slippery. Put a towel around your shoulders as the conditioner will drip out of the brush and off of your hands as you detangled.

1. grab a small section starting right above the ear
2. hold the middle/end of the hair, and gently put the brush at the root of the hair (try your best to stay in that section)
3. gently pull the brush half way to the end (you will notice that the brush can not go any further. Moving further would require you to rip through strands of hair, so to combat this you finish detangling the ends of the hair).
****As you detangle, if you notice any shed hairs on your hand, wipe them on a towel or if you are detangling at a sink rinse the hair off of your hands so they can not be redeposited in the hair thus creating more tangling****
4. now detangle the end of hair. Be gentle, and be patient. This part may take a while. I usually hold the hair in my hand using my thumb, and I let the brush rub across my palm. For some reason this really helps detangle because I smooth the hair with my hand and detangle with the brush at the same time, thus both movements remove shed hair at the same time!
5. finish the section with a brush stroke starting from root to tip to ensure that the entire section has been detangled thoroughly.

Repeat until the entire head is detangled. Rinse hair, and apply leave in conditioner. I use a bit of coconut oil.

So, that's how I detangle my hair. And yes it takes me 1 hour! The time actually went by really fast because I was sitting down. I sat in front of the tv and watched CNN. I would definitely suggest you detangle while sitting down, just make sure you have a towel or even a bowl with water in it to wipe/rinse shed hairs off your hand as you detangle. I have detangled while in the shower, and I've found that I lose more hair because I am rushing (I don't want to waste water). And when I've detangled in front of the sink I've lost more hairs because I start to get tired of standing up, and I am constantly turning the faucet on and off to rinse shed hairs off my hands! So sitting down has been the best.

I hope this helps. I used to finger detangle but I've realized that my hair is tangling too much, especially if I wear my hair out and then sleep with it uncovered.


Saturday, July 11, 2009

Beyonce's Hair in New video

Check out her back up dancers curly fro! And Check out Beyonce's wet wave look towards the middle and end of the video! It looks like her real hair. I love it.