Thursday, July 1, 2010

Alicia Keys Inspired Hair

This was day one. I was iffy about this hair style because I'm not a trendy person and I thought this looked too much like the mo-hawk hair styles that are really popular right now. But this style actually looked really chic and classy. It made me look pulled together so I really liked it.

The inspiration for this hairstyle came from Chisellecouture. Check out her tutorial of this style! I have subscribed to her on Youtube because she has so many cute hair style tutorials that I want to try. This is just the first of them.

Basically, this style is very simple but takes a little time to get it exactly the way you want.

You will need:

Small hair pins, gel and shea or cocoa butter (for smoothing hair), a soft brush, 2 ponytail holders and wet detangled hair.

Optional: A scarf for smoothing at the end.

This style comes out the smoothest when your hair has already been detangled. I did this style on my freshly washed hair just as Chiselle did but I'm sure this could come out just as good on dry hair (although I think natural hair would look better if this style was done on wet hair).

First, section hair into 3 sections: a left side, middle, and right side. Secure each side with ponytail holders. Begin smoothing the left and right sides of hair (first use your moisturizer-shea butter or cocoa butter then put the gel on top. This helps your hair stay soft and smooth rather than hard and stiff which would happen if you only used gel). Then brush the left and right sides back into a ponytail. Take the ponytail and blend the hair with the middle section. Begin twisting the middle section of hair in a tuck and roll fashion from the nape to the front of your head. Use pins along the way to ensure the hair stays in place. When the hair is twisted all the way to the front, begin creating the swirl. You can have your swirl more in the center or to the side of your head. This all depends on your own personal preference and the length of your hair. Secure with pins. *I wrap a scarf (I have a ribbon headband) around my hair to smooth the sides more and I put a wig cap on the top to smooth the middle. This is how it looks.

When I take this off my hair is totally smoothed out. All of the little pieces of hair that stand up lay down.

In the video, Chieselle says that Alicia's middle section was braided but Chiselle did a two strand twist. Well, because of the length of my hair and the curl pattern, it was very difficult for me to two strand twist while wet (I could feel my hair snapping) and it didn't look smooth. So I decided to twist my hair into a French roll basically.

This is day two. In order to refreshen this hair style, I had to re-smooth the sides, un-pin and un-twist the middle section and re-wet and detangle the middle section. Then I retwisted the hair and pinned it up again. This time, I wrapped the middle section in a position on the side of my head instead of directly on top of my head (as I had on day 1).


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  1. Luv it! I saw the one wwestNDNbeautyy did on it and I'm going to try it real soon. It's so pretty and while it looks complicated, it's so easy to do.